Effective communications can change the world

Are you a nonprofit or development communications practitioner looking to take your work to the next level? Can’t find a communications blog that covers the many diverse dimensions of communications – including strategies, design, tools, and the latest research? Or maybe you don’t work in the nonprofit sector and are simply looking for good communications tips and inspiration that transcends all sectors?

This blog is for you.

Effective communications is a key driver for social change. Effective communications can increase knowledge, encourage dialogue, build support for causes, establish, enhance and sustain partnerships and professional operations, bring in new business and projects, change behaviours and policies, and mobilize action. For any organization or individual aiming to make a real and positive impact, harnessing the power of communications is a must.

This blog is a platform for sharing case studies, best practices, strategies, tools and research for effective communications. Together, we can increasingly tap into the power of the communications to inspire, mobilize and drive positive change.



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